Introduction of my recommended book ~ A habit of keeping a break in your heart and living in a good way. ~

I think that a book can be called a “treasure of mankind.” From ancient times, many people have written down the problems and worries they have experienced.

It also records how to deal with problems for posterity and suggests one of the answers to the problem.

Books are such a wonderful thing, so if you search carefully, you will surely find a solution to your problems.

I would like to introduce a book that I recommend. If you are interested, please take a look.

 Thi is a book I want to recommend today.

Title:A habit of keeping a break in your heart and living in a good way.
Authors: Hiromi Okuda and Tsuneko Nakamura (Psychiatrists)

2. Overview of this book.

This book gives a lot of advice from the viewpoint of experience, about the story of the turbulent half-life of psychiatrist Tsuneko Nakamura, who has a career of 70 years, and how to deal with daily stress and how to deal with worries.

In addition, Dr. Hiromi Okuda, a psychiatrist, wrote the story in an easy-to-understand manner as a writer.

I’m an older man in thirties, and I’m a helpless office worker who is always full of worries, but I learned a lot from the teacher’s talk.

3. My recommendation points.

This book deals with issues that we all may experience, such as “work,” “parent-child relationships,” “couples,” and “interpersonal relationships.”

I’ll avoid spoilers overall, but there are three things I’m happy about reading this book.

The first thing I was convinced of was the teacher’s simple advice, “Work is for money.”

Certainly, I feel that many of the self-development books and people who work every day have complicated and high-ranking answers to the question “what do you work for?” ..

Isn’t there a person who works to convince himself painfully every day with a very good purpose such as “for self-actualization”?

I don’t mean that it’s bad, but one realistic answer here is that the idea of ​​”working for money” is one of the good reasons.

Secondly, she also makes one suggestion about how to continue working, “50% is fine. Continue is more important.”

Certainly, the longer you continue to do the same job, the stronger your commitment will be. In my case, I’ve been doing the same job of sales planning for more than 10 years, so my line of 100% that I can fully agreem is already very much high.

And when more work came in at that time, there are many times when it is honestly difficult.

In such a case, if you say, “It’s fine halfway! It’s important to continue!”, The burden will disappear.

Actually, I unload it secretly by telling myself “It’s fine halfway!”, But only in such a case, I am sometimes told “It’s a good result!”.

It’s not easy to know 100% of what people want, and even if you think you’re 80% or 70% if you’re not good at it, it’s often about 120% from the perspective of people.

When you have a hard time, it is effective to relax and work naturally.

The third and final advice advises that it is happier not to think that you must be happy.

Specifically, most of the things like “must be like this compared to other people” and “must be like this” are painful to continue. And when you are bound by the values ​​of other people, she mentions that he never notices the cause of his frustration.

Find a way to clarify your life and be convinced that this is enough, and it be able to lightly ask yourself, “Isn’t that the case?” to the idea that “this must be done!”.

The book suggests that this is a good way to avoid the burden of extra thought.

He suggests whether you are happy compared to others and that there is no real answer.

There is still a lot of advice in this book.

Specifically, we have advice on how to see things in various situations, such as couples’ worries, family problems, friend troubles, etc., so if you are interested, please read it.

4. The peoples I want to recommend this book (My recommendation).

I would like this book to be read by working adults (late 20s and above) and wives who have a family. As I explained in the points I would like to recommend, she faces the worries of people living in the world and proposes appropriate solutions.

For me, who has been in competition and worked vaguely and desperately, it was a great opportunity to gain a new perspective. If you are in the same age group as me and have vague worries, I would like you to read it.

5. Summary

Thank you very much for reading this post. I think that the advice given by professional doctors in this book has a lot of content that matches the way of life of human beings today, which is very suitable for us who have daily troubles.

I think that books are helping everyone every day as a good understanding person who can help solve problems that they have, or as an advisor to improve their lives. ..

I would appreciate if this post can give you some good things.

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