Ramen (Noodle) shop that I want to recommend when you come to Tokyo, Minato-ku, Akasaka. “Shina-men, Hashigo – Akasaka shop – “.

Hello everyone. Tokyo has become little bit cool, and I can see the office workers who go to the city wearing jackets. In this season, I think you will miss the spicy food.

This time, I would like to introduce “Shina-men Hashigo – Akasaka shop – “, a popular noodle shop in Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, which is perfect for this season. However, it is a well-known store that everyone already knows. There are several stores, but I always stop by when passing through Akasaka area,

The image of ordinary “TanTan-men” is that the soup is thick and the spiciness is addictive.

However, here “Shina-men Hashigo”, Chinese noodle, “DanDan-men” is based on soy sauce with a light soup.

And the scent of sesame is added to it, and when you take a sip, you can enjoy a refined, smooth throat and spicy spiciness.

Combined with the unique depth of spices peculiar to Sichuan cuisine, it is a dish that becomes quite addictive when you eat a bite.

(You can feel a slightly refreshing citrus flavor in the back side of taste)

I’m already older man, but I get a voice saying, “Umm … good.” (It’s just an individual impression)

By the way, in Sichuan Province, China, this soy sauce-based “DanDan-men” is rather the mainstream. Please see here (Wikipedia) for details.

The vegetables on the gradual noodles in this photo are green onions and bok-choy, which create a crispy texture.

And if you order noodles, rice and “takuan” (pickled radish) will be included as a free service. (Up to 2 cups of rice are free).

The noodles are straight thin noodles. Although it is thin noodles, it has a characteristic soft texture. This non-persistent, smooth soup goes well with the thin noodles.

The spiciness can be adjusted to your liking, and you can choose from mild ➡ normal spicy ➡ medium spicy ➡ very spicy.

I’m not good at spicy food, so I usually order normal spicy. (Those who like spiciness are asked for medium spicy or higher)

2. Points I would like to recommend – Pork meat “Daaro” DanDan-men are my favorite noodles. –

My recommendation is “Daaro Dandan-men” with large meat (As picture shows). This pork char siu is stewed for over a day and is very fluffy and tender.

Let me introduce you to my personal way of eating. First of all, take a sip of soup as soon as you start, enjoy the unique depth and refreshing taste of Sichuan, and then eat soft thin noodles. (Paper apron is recommended. When you eat the noodles, the soup goes wild and sticks to your clothes).

Once you’ve enjoyed the soup and noodles for a while, it’s time for the big meat. I always eat this whole large meat. The meat that seems to melt and disappear in the soup that is now in the mouth will start to melt just by chewing a little at the end when you put it in your mouth.。

After melting this Daarou(Big meat) on your tongue, the next step is to squeeze the rice with takuan into your mouth.

By doing so, the fluffy melting meat, refreshing takuan and rice are combined, and the flavor of Sichuan wraps the whole in multiple layers, creating a unique taste that fills the mouth.

And after eating bok-choy, the second half of the game starts. Eat about half of the boiled eggs (100 yen each) that can be ordered additionally (eat rice if necessary), and reset the taste once.

From here, there will be a 3-shift system of noodles, soup, and rice. Sip the soft noodles, drink the soup, and as soon as the mouth is empty, eat a large piece of meat and the rice with the takuan together. And when the mouth is empty, take a sip of soup again to raise the taste of Sichuan to MAX again, eat noodles again, …

The last bite of rice should be eaten with a simmering large meat, or eaten with a boiled egg and end with a warm egg flavor, or soup and rice …

After a lot of hesitation, we adopted a forbidden move that I refill the rice. I really enjoyed the big meat and eggs in quick succession, and finally put the rice on the astragalus and pass it through the soup to eat.

I’m very worried about obesity, but if it’s an exchange equivalent to this happiness, this is also a situation that I can’t resist as a human being … I’m sure God is forgiven by smiling.

Please come to Tokyo Japan, and try to enjoy this “DanDan-men”.

The menu also includes “Paiko DanDan-men” with crispy and curry-flavored pork ribs, “Chiisui DanDan-men” with shredded young chicken and “Sanhon-men” with sourness and spiciness. Various menus are offered. My personal No. 2 ranks “Paiko-Danmen”, but if I go there, I alwaysl inevitably order “Daaro DanDan-men”.

One day I am an older man who wants to become an adult who can eat two glasses.

Master, thank you so much for always making delicious noodles.

<Inside of restaurant. Only counter table.>

3. Basic information.

The train is convenient.

Address : 2-2-21 Akasaka, Minatoku, Tokyo, Japan
Nearest station: Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Tokyo Metro Namboku Line “Tameike Sanno Station” Exit 7 in front
Parking: None
Seats: Counter seats only (21 seats)

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