Thank you for visiting this web site “my Art Stock ★”. I’m Mentaiko-man, the administrator of this web site.

I am a man who like to make illustrations, and a dad with two energetic children. Born in Fukuoka city and living in Tokyo, Japan. I like “Spicy fish eggs ( = Japanese says “Mentaiko”) and white rice so much, so my friends say my name “Mentaiko-man”.

Illustrations that can be used free of charge are posted on this site.
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I would like to post various illustrations that can be used for presentation materials, proposals, leaflets, flyers and letters etc….

We also sell some stationery, masks, merchandise, etc… at the ORIGINAL LABO market. (⇒Please click here, and search for the creator name by “めんたいこまん” on this site)

Please take a look at My Art Stock ★. And if you find your favorite illustrations, I would be very happy.