Older man and Telework in Tokyo Japan Report No.2 ~ My recommended lunch, “Sanuki men Ichiban, Niku-Udon”.

Hello everyone, This is Mentaiko-man. Typhoon No. 14 is slowly approaching Kanto, and it is raining every day in Tokyo. It was summer until the other day, but it has suddenly become cold from this week.

Also, regardless of that, I am working leisurely at home by teleworking today. Having said that, the room was getting a little chilly, so I wore a long-sleeved hoodie over my shirt, but I opened the windows and worked while feeling the outside air and the smell of autumn.

I’d like to do a lunch special feature and a high-class restaurant special feature someday, but I can’t help it now. I will post my older man’s lunch today as well, so if you are interested, please feel free to read this post.

This time, I would like to recommend “Sanuki, Men, Ichiban, Niku-udon”.

Product name:“Sanuki, Men, Ichiban, Niku-udon”.
Company: Table mark company
How to cook:Boil or microwave * Please refer the back of the package for details.

2. Shichimi and eggs matchs well with this udon

This time I would like to introduce this frozen udon noodles. My wife often buys it, so when I was eating it, I became a big fan before I knew it. This is the same popular Japanese noodle as last time, “Udon”.

Unlike the instant udon that I introduced last time, this is a frozen udon. So, after 4 minutes of boiling in 200cc of hot water, the noodles that were icy will gradually become chewy and chewy udon noodles! This tactile sensation is irresistible. It’s a luxurious lunch.

In addition, the meat and onions are also well seasoned, which matches perfectly with the soy sauce-based soup.

This is also my arrangement, but it is a personal boom to add raw eggs and shichimi. Here’s how to enjoy it. First of all, enjoy the taste of udon while adding spiciness with Shichimi. Then, in the second half, the raw egg is put into the mouth and crushed. After that, squeeze the noodles to make udon noodles with a moderate egg flavor. (It is a style to eat so that the egg does not melt in the soup)

In addition, this is a way of eating that I do not want to recommend because it gets fat, but if you run out of udon, you can add rice to the soup to replace it with a supreme dish that you can eat like porridge. Also, if you are premised on porridge, I think it is a good idea to dissolve the eggs in the soup. (I think I will definitely get fat.)

Also, as a caveat, you can eat this way in Japan, but please eat raw eggs that are well-controlled. (Please cook unmanaged common eggs properly)

This alone is delicious enough. However, the problem is that there are no vegetables. In such a case, it is a good idea to buy vegetables at a convenience store and add one to your lunch.

There are various theories about the origin of this udon, but it is a meal that has been loved in Japan for a long time. (I have loved it since I was little). For details, see here, Wikipedia.

3. Summary

Thank you very much for reading this post. I would like to introduce more elaborate dishes, but when it comes to teleworking, I really want a quick breakfast. However, this ease of use makes it addictive.

By the way, I’m from Fukuoka prefecture, so udon was fluffy. It wasn’t until I came to Tokyo that I came across such a chewy and chewy udon noodle. So, one day, I would like to tell you about the charm of Kyushu udon.

I would appreciate if you could enjoy with this post.

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