Introduction of my recommended book (No.2) ~ How should you live ? ~

What kind of content is this book?
What kind of books does older man in Tokyo Japan usually read?

Is there anyone who thinks that ?

I would like to introduce books that I would like to recommend from an older man’s point of view from an older man in my thirties who likes books at the general public level in this post. Please browse by all means if you like.

also, regarding this post, I would like to tell you that “this kind of place was interesting” while avoiding spoilers as much as possible, but I may also say that I went a little further. Therefore, I would appreciate it if you could browse it as a personal recommendation.

This time, I would like to recommend this, “How should you live ?
(If you already know this book since it was popular in Japan, please give me a time to introduce in this post.)

Title : How should you live ?
Author : Genzaburou Yoshino

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2. Overview

This book is mainly about the conflict and growth of Mr. Koper, a 15-year-old boy (the main character of this work, whose real name is Junichi Honda).

In addition, the advice of his mother’s younger brother, the man of a law bachelor who has just graduated from college, is a fascinating story.

The themes dealt with are “poverty,” “bullying,” “academic,” and “mistakes” and “courage” that people make, and what Mr. Koper felt and learned, and his uncle’s views. This is a book that allows readers to think about “a way of life” through the intersection of advice.

3. Recommended points

The uncle of the law bachelor in this book is very knowledgeable. He is such a wonderful person that it seems that no one in his twenties is so good. Yes, I’m an older man who wanted to meet such an uncle.

There are three points that Uncle I like. One is to tell the uncle about the flow and existence of many people that the main character, Copernicus, felt, and the uncle sincerely told the story of “the heliocentric theory advocated by Copernicus”, and the importance of that perspective (self-owned). It teaches us to value (a viewpoint that does not stick only to interests).

Secondly, he suggests one answer to the question Why do we need to study? that many people have thought about.

Thirdly, he mentions the mistakes that Koper actually made, his suffering from those mistakes, and the means of recovery (lifestyle).

The wording and expressions were quite old and difficult to read even Japanese , but I thought it was a very thought-provoking work.

4. The peoples who I want to recommend this book (My suggestion).

The people I want to recommend are those who are in the upper grades of elementary school and above who will take off in the world.

The uncle also gives a clear background on the theme of why school and academic exists.

Also, if the current parents can talk about this, the children will be impressed.

(By the way, I used “uncle’s message” such as “how the academic was established”, but my child said just ” Oh ! Thank you ! “….I didn’t go like  uncle. I’m very sad.)

In addition, this is an experience that both children and adults can experience without distinction, but he proposes one solution to deal with the pain when “friendship” cannot be maintained and how to deal with it in good faith.

Finally the uncle gave us the message that “People who have a” conscience “feel that they are suffering from the consciousness that they have made a mistake. However, because I have the power to walk along the right path, I understand that I will experience this kind of suffering, and let’s cultivate new confidence. “

5. Summary

Thank you very much for reading this post, I really think this book is for the future.

Especially for those who will enjoy teens and 20s, I think that the themes of “friendship” and “academic studies” are connected by an inseparable connection. You shouldn’t be numb like me older man here, so if you’re in the age when you can understand a lot of things, there’s a way to think about it. This is a book that you should definitely read to learn one option.

We hope you find this post useful.

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