Older man and Telework in Tokyo Japan ~ My recommended lunch, “Akai Kitsune” ~

I’m tired of the lunch I always eat
What kind of lunch does older man in Tokyo usually eat?

Is there anyone who thinks that ?

This time, I would like to introduce a recommended lunch that I would like to eat during telework from a veteran uncle who has been teleworking for half a year. What kind of lunch does your uncle usually eat at home? I posted it in the hope that you would be interested.

Actually I would like to introduce a healthier lunch, but first of all, please enjoy the foods of telework that you love and recommend.

This time, I would like to recommend “Akai Kitsune” for lunch for working from home.

Product name: Akai Kitsune
Distributor: Toyo Suisan
Boil time: 5 minutes

Price : 183 yen (excl. tax)

2. Recommendation points.

The meaning of “Akai Kitsune” is red (= Akai) and fox (= Kitsune). I think Japanese people have eaten at least once.

It’s cheap, you can buy it at a convenience store, and you can easily make it. It is the best dish personally.

The taste is a light soy sauce-based cup udon that is characterized by hot fried tofu. For those who have come to Japan and don’t know much about Japan yet, ramen is a popular meal in Japan, but actually  “Udon” is also one of populat noodle in japan too. If you chew the fried tofu, the sweet soup stock will spread in your mouth, and you will be satisfied with the best touch.

In addition, this “Kitsune” refers to fried tofu, which is the origin of the meaning. And in general, fried tofu is boiled sweet and spicy with sugar, mirin, and soy sauce, and then placed on udon or soba. This Friced tofu is called “fox”.  In addition, fried tofu is considered to be a favorite food of foxes, and it is said that fried tofu has come to be called “fox” because of its origin.

This udon is delicious enough as it is, but as a personal arrangement, you can also add raw eggs or add Korean glue to enjoy the change in taste. Also, there is no spiciness, so if you want spiciness, you can add “Ichimi” which is spice in Japan.

3. Summary

Thank you very much for reading this post. High-class lunches and food delivery are good, but it was a lunch that you can easily enjoy, and it was a special feature of the lunch that I actually enjoyed. I hope that you enjoyed the world of older man in japan.

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● Akai Kitsune Udon * 3 cups.

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