Introduction of my recommended book ~ The courage to be disliked : How to free yourself, change your life and achieve real happiness ~

I want to read a book.
I have read a recent ranking book. Is there any other interesting book?

Is there anyone who says that?

I’m an older man in my thirties who likes books, so I would like to introduce the books I would like to recommend from my point of view in a post. Please browse by all means if you like.

Also, regarding this post, I would like to tell you that “this kind of place was interesting” while avoiding spoilers as much as possible, but I may also say that I went a little further. Therefore, I would appreciate it if you could browse it as a personal recommendation.

This time, I would like to recommend this, “Courage to be disliked“.

Title : Courage to be disliked”
Authors:Ichiro Kishimi, Fumitake Koga
Published by : Diamond company

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2. Overview of this book

This is a book summarized in the discussion of 2 peoples. One people is a young man who has many worries about his appearance, temperament, relationship with parents and business. And another man is a philosopher who preaches the mysterious thing that “the world is simple and you can always be happy”.

And philosophers will present concrete and simple answers to why the world is simple and why they can be happy.

By the way, this philosopher is said to have developed a consideration from the standpoint of “Adler psychology”, the idea of Mr. Alfred Adler, who is said to be the third giant of psychology along with Mr. Freud and Mr. Jung.

From the point of view obtained from this way of thinking, you can read that young people can see how they are gradually changing, noticing their own thoughts and actions that can be said to be unconscious.

3. Recommended points.

From the conclusion, it’s wonderful content, I would like to recommend it. (Oh no, Sorry, I forgot to explain it.)

Perhaps some of the peoples does not like the words such as “psychology” or “philosophy”, but the problems mentioned in this book are “adolescent worries,” “bullying,” and “withdrawal.” The subjects are problems that everyone may experience, such as “problems” and “power harassment from bosses”.

It also provides a consideration of the true “meaning” given to each problem and a concrete solution. Moreover, this is quite a powerful drug, and in my personal opinion, I was keenly aware that I had never seen things from this perspective in my life.

And this book also has a part that mentions “life” (of course, it is a powerful drug). If you have a parent who wants to show it to your child, I recommend you to read it by yourself before showing it (from my older man’s point of view, I think that even if you read it, it is a powerful drug. ).

It’s a powerful drug, but I’m not worried that my child’s behavior will suddenly change after reading a book, but you will say, “Oh, don’t you want to  talk ?” Perhaps, in case of that, you are still not able to “separate the tasks”, and are not taking actions such as “self-acceptance”, “trust”, and “contribution”.

4. The peoples who need to read this book (My suggestion).

I really want a lot of people to read this book, so I want to say “everyone!”, But basically, I think it’s okay to read this book from the upper grades of elementary school, where you can read kanji.

Occasionally, a young man is frankly referred to by a philosopher about the background of his actions and thoughts, and there are sentences that are embarrassing and angry, but there was no “sexual sentences” and “violent expression” that are worrisome as parents. and I think it is a book written with a serious approach to the problem.

Also, I think that it is suitable for modern working people who have troubles and wives who have children. This book makes one proposal from the viewpoint of education, but I think that it may be misleading to practice in this era, so I can not practice all of them. However, even if the word “thank you” at least gradually increases between “you” and “me”, it may be possible to expect a great improvement effect toward solving the problem.

5. Summary

Thank you very much for reading this post. As the title “Courage to be disliked” suggests, the approach to solving the problem is quite novel, but if you explain it, it’s a book with a grounded way of thinking that fits nicely.

Also, as an additional comment, until now, when I was a child, there was no adult who taught me things in this way (Basically, the place where I grew up was too rural and there was no people).

To be honest, when I was a young,  such ideas and perspectives allow diversity, and there may be misunderstandings such as getting out of competition, so perhaps some of the peoples said it is outrageous, and children had end up receiving a lot of punishment.

I would like adults who have experienced such an environment to take a look. This way of thinking may improve the future of children who will fly to the world.

Finally, to borrow the analogy of philosopher, “Maybe you are looking at the world through sunglasses. If you notice it and remove it, there will be intense light and you will need sunglasses again. Do you still have the courage to take it off and see the world? ” If it’s dazzling, your eyes will be fluttering.

Again, thank you for reading this post, I would appreciate if above information is helpful for you.

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