Regarding “Home town tax donation program” in Japan that I can’t hear anymore, I have heard. And I was able to order the product !

About “hometown tax donation program” that you already know (Japanese say “Furusato Nouzei) in Japan. It’s a terrible title, but this time I tried to order the product for the first time, so I would like to post it as easily as possible about what I checked for reference and how to do it.

In addition to that, I would like to share with you the excitement that I really enjoyed in “Hometown Tax donation program”.

Actually, about four or five years ago, when I was told, “What ?! you don’t know the hometown donation program ?!”, then I also said that “No no no, I’m thinking of doing it. hehehe”, or “What are you talking about?” I already know,  Hahaha “.  But I didn’t do it at all.

And I was thinking of investigating it soon, but since I was an older man, I couldn’t move, and I noticed that many years had passed. Five years is so fast in this year. Hahaha.

When I think about it now, I really understood that I was doing wasteful things … When I actually checked the hometown tax donation program, it was a good mechanism and there were many good points! The older man (Me) was impressed.

So, many wonderful posts have already been written by many peoples, but I really wanted to write an impression, so I will post it. I will try my best to write it, so if you have time, please feel free to refer this post.

* This time, I am posting from the system of hometown tax donation program in Japan to the actual ordering, and I will report on the quality of the products that will be sent from now on, the order certificate, the method of final tax return for deduction, etc. around February 2021!

While saying “I want to convey this excitement!”, I was afraid to proceed without knowing the basics of “What is hometown tax donation program?”, So I looked it up.

First of all, the answer to the question “What is hometown tax donation program?”, But roughly speaking, my understanding is

“You pay (donate) taxes to your hometown and the local government you want to support, and the amount you paid is deducted from your income tax and inhabitant tax for the following year.”

In other words, the following is an example of specific amounts.

“If you pay 10,000 yen to your favorite municipality, you will receive a return item of about 30% (about 3,000 yen) of the tax payment amount, and you will also receive a tax deduction of 8,000 yen from the tax payment amount to the area you live in now. “

Actually, there is an upper limit of hometown tax payment according to the amount of income and a self-pay of 2,000 yen (so 8,000 yen in the above calculation). In addition, there are many products that seem to have a high return rate, which do not look like products that are about 30% of the tax payment amount.

I feel great. I mean, I’m getting a lot.

This system, which started in 2008, has gradually penetrated, and as of 2018, about 4 million people have donated 500 billion yen.

And the background to the establishment of such a mechanism was the decrease in tax revenue due to the depopulation of rural areas.

It is true that I was a Fukuoka kid who thought that the Fukuoka dialect was too cool until his teens, but from his twenties he mainly lived in Tokyo, not in Fukuoka where he was indebted to pay taxes. It was Tokyo.

Therefore, for example, I studied a lot (?) in my hometown of Fukuoka, but when it came time to work (pay tax), I paid it to another area, and Fukuoka Prefecture had invested the tax but there was no return.

Therefore, a system was created to contribute to the hometown through the tax system.

Regarding the deadline of application, next answer will be good example, “Hometown tax payment applied in 2020” will be “deducted and refunded in 2021”.

For details, please refer to here (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications website, hometown tax portal site). There is also a list of tax payment limits, and I think you will deepen your understanding of this system.

By the way, I don’t think there are any particular disadvantages to paying your hometown tax. Only the points that you need to have is “1. You will have to pay 2,000 yen yourself. 2. You will have to bear the cost first (you will be returned later with a deduction or refund)., and 3. also there is a one-stop special system, but there are cases where tax returns are filed.

And finally, of course if you exceed the limit, you will be responsible for the cost. (Please let me know if I make a mistake …)“

I don’t think it’s all that big of a deal, but I haven’t done that much yet, so I’d like to report on that at next time.

2. About the person who is eligible for hometown tax  payment and how to check the deduction limit.

This is also explained carefully on various sites, so let me introduce its website this time. The easiest thing to understand is the explanation site for beginners of “For beginners” on the hometown tax portal site (here) of “Satoful Co., Ltd.”.

It depends on the company employee and the business owner, but just by including the annual income and family structure, it will simulate the maximum amount that can be deducted from the hometown tax payment. It was very easy to use!

▼ Following picture is a example of calculation in “Satofuru”▼

In my case, I will place an order this year, so I calculated it based on last year’s annual income.

For those who want to know more specific details, I recommend the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications’ hometown tax portal site (here).

3. At first, I registered newly to “Satofulu”.

I was kind enough to teach such an older man carefully, so I registered with Satoful this time !

First of all, I registered my e-mail address, authenticated it, registered my personal information, and it was surprisingly quick.

▼Example of registration screen▼

4. Select items, then press order.

Despite older man’s worries about whether the registration should proceed so smoothly or whether I made a big mistake, the registration was completed and I finally entered the scene of selecting a product.

If you click on the ranking for the time being,

Oh! crab! Meat!

▼Rank screen▼

There are a lot of words like “1kg!”

If you look at the categories roughly, there are more than 100,000 thank-you items. I didn’t know that there are so many products. .. ..

I would like to actually pick it up and see it. So, first of all, I triumphantly chose 1 kg of meat and ordered it. Ordering is easy! And above all, it looks delicious!

Of course, there are other item not only foods. For example, in Otari Village, Nagano Prefecture, there is outdoor wagons. It’s the perfect item for camping equipment!

▼Outdoor wagon from Otari Village, Nagano prefecture in Japan▼

When I found it, I said, “Oh! This is the one I often see, the one that a cool husband is pulling triumphantly in a big park! The one I wanted!” Of course, I placed an order.

And this is my recommendation that I personally wanted it. A stick that catches insects. It is encouraging to have it.

▼Insect catcher from Miki-city, Hyogo prefecture▼

And there were bookshelves, home appliances, and furniture.

▼Bookshelves, from Shizuoka prefecture▼

The product I chose this time was expected to arrive about a month after the order was placed, so I would like to report the receipt result again!

It’s amazing. There are really many. You can enjoy your day lightly just by choosing items!

It’s really amazing … I regret why I didn’t look it up early.

5. Conclusion

This time, I briefly summarized the process up to ordering. As mentioned above, I would like to post the next procedure at another time.

It’s embarrassing that the purpose of this post is as a reward, but there is also a category called reconstruction support, and it is possible to select the purpose of payed tax.

▼Disaster support donation and corona medical care support donation.▼

It’s been more than 10 years since I’ve been working at a company, but it’s nice to be able to do something for my hometown far away.

In my hometown, I heard that the person who was in love for the first time is now a mother. Also, the friends I was with took over the family business, and another person went to another area and was walking toward their own life. As you get older, many things change.

I can’t go back to that time anymore, but I wanted to contribute even more so that the newly born children in my beloved hometown could become good adults.

In addition, it is not so easy to return to my hometown since COVID-19, but I wish I could contribute in this way as well.

Alright, Older man, I’ll do my best.

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